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I'm a man obsessed with telling great stories and communicating big ideas in the most imaginative and artful way, using the latest technology and years of passion for the craft.


Southwest University of Visual Arts (formally, Art Center Design College)

Running my own design/production studio - No school like it!

Making Independent Films

FAA Certified sUAS Pilot

Awards & Nominations:

• Judges Award: Book Trailer - International Movie Trailer Awards

• Multiple Gold Addys: Brochure, 4 Color or More

• Gold Addy: Video & Audio Elements of Advertising

• Gold Addy: Interactive Media/Web

• Gold Addy: Brochure, Less Than 4 Color

• Gold Addy: Brochure, 4 Color or More

• Gold Addy: Trade Publication

• Multiple Gold Addys: Website Design

• Silver Addy: Video, Animation & Film Effects

• Multiple Silver Addys: Brochure, 4 Color or More

• Silver Addy: Trade Publication

• Bronze Addy: Brochure, 4 Color or More

• Bronze Addy: Stationery Package

• Bronze Addy: Logo

• Silver Citation: Collateral Materials/Announcement

• Award of Excellence: Brochure, 4 Color or More

• Citation of Excellence: Stationery Package

• Citation of Excellence: Packaging

• Multiple Brass Ring Awards, Supplier - IAAPA

• New Technology Award - Houston Film Festival

My photos have appeared in Shape, Town&Country, The Telegraph, Luxury Hoteliers, and Robb Report Online

My design work has been featured in Rockport and Logo Lounge Books. And one of my logos is on a satellite in space!


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